Installation Guide

TOPGARD Installation Guide

Step 1: Remove top guard cap and center rod from packaging thread center rod into the bottom of the TopGard cap.

Step 2: fill pipe bollard with wet concrete. Fill concrete to the top of the pipe bollard and strike off with the margin trial or like tool.  Consolidate the concrete as you fill the bollard by gently tapping the side of the bollard.

Step 3: Once you have filled the bollard to the top, install the TopGard cap by pressing down firmly to allow the concrete paste and the bottom of the Top Gard cap to create a seal.

Step 4:  While holding the top guard firmly in place, tap the edge of the bollard to consolidate concrete around the inner rod of the bollard.

Step 5:  Using a rag or sponge, clean the exterior of the bollards by wiping clean any excess material that has escaped the bottom of the cap during the installation process.